Guidance on holding hybrid and electronic AGMs

Written by: Georgie Jensz

To assist companies during the peak 2021 AGM season, an updated guide to holding hybrid and electronic AGMs has been launched by the Governance Institute of Australia.

The Guide outlines key tips for organisations planning remote AGMs while tackling investor communications issues under pandemic conditions.

The digital workplace is now the new norm. This resource helps organisations replicate the cut and thrust of a physical meeting and allows members to feel confident their organisations are being accountable without having to attend in person.

It includes:

  •  recommendations on how to comply with the new requirement to allow oral questions through digital platforms
  •  advice on when it is possible to send ‘postcard’ Notices of Meeting
  •  a practical step-by-step guide to the new methods for electronic signatures and electronic execution
  • tips for boosting shareholder and member engagement online, including through the company’s website.


To access your own copy of the Guide, click here: file:///C:/Users/georg/Downloads/updated-joint-guidance_2021-agms-final-06092021.pdf


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