Commercial Litigation Law


Kubed Legal has the skills and experience to take matters to Court when necessary or appropriate, or to keep matters out of Court by applying our negotiation skills and engaging in alternate dispute resolution mechanisms.

By understanding our clients and their issues, we bring to the equation a range of suitable choices for our clients about how their disputes and issues would be best resolved.

In many cases the appropriate course is obvious but sometimes it is not.

We ensure our clients have the right advice from our team who are astute to our client’s needs and circumstances.

We have a commercial and common-sense approach and will do what is necessary to identify what outcome is appropriate, according to our client’s circumstances.  This may mean early intervention and negotiation of a settlement or running matters through the Court system to obtain the best result.

In most cases, disputes are capable of settlement by good negotiation skills and compromise. In other cases, the identification of the rights and entitlements involved in any situation may indicate that judicial determination is appropriate.

Using other processes may be preferred due to privacy issues, relationships between the parties involved or for other reasons. We understand that parties who are reluctant to go to Court may still need to engage mechanisms to bring their disputes to a head and to have them resolved. This may involve participation in mediation to avoid the formal Court system.

We have represented clients in many forms of litigation, including:

  • Proceedings relating to the alleged conversion of the proceeds of sale of a Brett Whiteley painting;
  • Defamation actions;
  • Injunctive relief to restrain the re-entry of commercial premises at the Crown Casino;
  • Breach of contract claims, including a County Court trial involving a shipment of lamb for export to Libya;
  • Property disputes, including Supreme Court proceedings involving breach of contract for the sale of real estate;
  • Insurance policy coverage claims and fraudulent insurance claims; and
  • Real estate agent commission claims.

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Kubed Legal specialises in franchising law, property and leasing, commercial and business law, pathology and medical centre property related services and dispute resolution.

  • Working with Georgie Jensz and the team at Kubed Legal for the past 5 years as an emerging Franchisor has been an absolute pleasure. Together we have launched 40 successful franchise units. The on-call advice, friendly nature and professionalism is second to none and it has truly been an amazing experience. Our franchise owners have had nothing but kind words for the team at Kubed, who constantly go above and beyond on a daily basis to get the job done, who do it the right way and keep all parties as happy as physically possible. Happy franchisees mean a happy network and Kubed have really helped assist keeping the strong bond of Franchisee and Franchisor together. I would highly recommend this boutique law firm to any Franchisors who are at startup, infancy stage and all the way through to an emerging franchise network and beyond.

    Aaron Smith, Founder and CEO, KX Pilates